Security First

Website Security

4sitters babysitting service profiles do not include personal identifying information such as last name, home address, or phone numbers. All initial communication between parents and caregivers is routed through the website communication tools. We recommend communicating internally and not immediately giving out your e-mail address. This allows enough time to get to know the caregiver candidate. 4sitters offers internal interview communication while maintaining both members’ privacy. In the rare chance that you receive an unwanted or suspicious message from a member, please report it to All membership purchases follow industry credit card security standards.

Membership Policy Renewal and Refunds

We strive for 100% membership satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us immediately. Until cancelled, all memberships are automatically renewed. Automatic membership renewal can be turned off easily within your account profile settings. If you have purchased a membership and are not completely satisfied, please contact us for a refund.

Caregiver Screening

To ensure you find the perfect caregiver, make sure you completely review caregiver profiles. We offer a unique online interview question system, which prompts caregivers to answer your specific interview question to assist you with your caregiver candidate selection. Once you have narrowed down your caregiver candidate list, perform phone interviews and schedule in person interviews with your children present.

Caregiver Background

As a parent it is your responsibility to ensure that the caregivers meet your requirements and safety standards before offering employment. We recommend that you contact the caregiver’s professional references; at least three is standard. Talk to the previous employer making sure to follow local HR laws. Review online social media profiles. Perform a national background and criminal check.

Once a Caregiver Has Been Hired

Review caregiver performance regularly. Discuss the caregiver’s performance with your children. You may want to consider installing a nanny cam or other hidden recording device in your home.

What to Report

4sitters strives to keep our members safe. Report any caregiver providing false information or whose background check reveals seriously negative information. We will permanently remove them from the website. Report any member requesting money upfront usually via wire transfer or asking you to provide personal bank account information. The scammer usually claims to be from or in a foreign country needing monetary help to travel back to the USA or the scammer claims to be a foreign government official. These scams are commonly known as Nigerian Scams or Upfront Money Scams. Find out more about trending scams and how to protect yourself as an online consumer at

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