Fun Family seeks part time help with our boys

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  • 10/hr
  • Brentwood, California
  • Part-time
  • 03 Jun 2016
  • 3 children
  • Infant, Elementary, Pre-teen
  • Cat, Hamster

Hi! We are a fun and unique family searching for someone to help us manage our crazy lifestyle. Let me see if I can break this down for you all!! We have 3 boys- 11, 9, 10 months We both have full time jobs 40 hours plus a week! Phew! Travel included We also run a business out of our home. --In our free time-- aka, when the kids are in bed We mostly need someone who can watch the baby on Thursday and Friday- sometimes Monday's from 6am-2pm. It will hardly ever be later, and most of the time it will be from 8am to 1pm. During the summer, all 3 boys will be here. You can come to our house, which is nice and big, comfy and clean. I am flexible, as I make my own schedule so I would be willing to work around your hours as well. A little bit about the boys- Aiden (11) he is smart, sassy, sensitive, and mopy--but he is wonderful! He is a boy scout, and loves being involved in a lot of activities, although sometimes it is hard to motivate him at first- give him a task and he takes charge! Likes- books, comics, video games, baseball (A's only!) camping, SWIMMING, nerf wars, star wars, and his cat Razor. Good student, needs to focus more during class. Doyle (8 almost 9) he is the sweetest, most positive and kind hearted kid you will ever meet- but boy can he talk your ears off! He is very creative and loves to talk about all his ideas. He loves music (especially Alice Cooper), he tends to need a little more direction and follow up. He loves board games, legos, video games, SWIMMING, drawing, music. Great student Jack (10 months) He is a crazy, energetic, hilarious little cutie! He doesn't crawl, but he tries to walk all the time! He loves his binkie, and blankets, loves to try new foods, and always wants what the adults and big kids are eating. He LOVES music, being read to, walks, SWIMMING, and anything that has to do with animals, birds and fish. About me and David. David and I met when we were 14. We are now 35. I am an Operations manager for the wholesale department of a coffee company and he is a machine operator. We have both have traveled all over, and know the value of staying in a comfy place, so we also run a little BandB as well. I handle the booking, cleaning schedule and personalization. David is also a musician and has an online music store. In other words- we are very busy! Parenting in a positive, but hard working environment is very important to us. We like to balance fun and praise, with chores and responsibility and bettering the effort and output. We are very much into to "punishment fits the crime" mentality- as we know that the world can be the same for adults, so we very much want to prepare the boys for man hood. I have a degree in Psychology, with a focus in Human Development and Adolescent behaviors. I believe that children should be praised and encouraged, but also- they should be given real life responsibility and consequences. We are very dedicated to our role as parents, and always try to improve the lives of our children, not by material goods, but by family time and learning through responsibility. I love being a mom, and I would like someone who can work alongside me, help me, give me ideas and feedback, and add value to our home. Thanks, Jeri

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06/03/2016 12:00 AM 10/01/2016 12:00 AM

Monday (occasionally) 6am-2pm Thursday and Friday 6-8am start time 1-2pm end time I am flexible on all of these.


  • This job requires the sitter to have a reliable vehicle