Top 10 Things to Do in Miami with Kids

If you’re looking for one of the best cities for families, you should definitely think Miami. Regardless of when you and the kids travel there, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Miami with kids and keep everyone in the family happy and busy. While the beaches are the first major attraction, and no one who visits Miami is going to neglect taking some time to stretch out in the sun and splash in the ocean, the area offers numerous recreational activities that will make a vacation here one that will be treasured forever.

Things to Do in Miami with Kids

Things to Do in Miami with Kids

While traveling with children can sometimes be difficult, you’ll find that because of the many features and attractions Miami has to offer, you and the kids will be happily busy during your entire stay. So, let’s get started on some great things to do in Miami with kids.

Things to do in Miami with kids: Jungle Island

Jungle Island may well be your first stop after the beaches. Where else can your kids have the opportunity to hold a parrot, lemon boa constrictor, or lemur? If your children love birds, this is the place for you – Jungle Island has over 1,000 colorful birds in a natural setting. One of the most fascinating exhibits is the Orangutan Zoo where these red apes communicate with sign language and iPads. A great day is guaranteed for all at Jungle Island.

Things to do in Miami with kids: Museum of Science

The Museum of Science has some great exhibits such as ‘Amazon Voyage’ and the ‘Falcon Batchelor Bird of Prey Center’, as well as a Planetarium. The museum not only makes learning fun, but allows kids to interact with many of the exhibits. has even more information for you.

Things to do in Miami with kids: Everglades

Sometimes called a ‘River of Grass’, the Everglades is an enormous swamp that is home to numerous species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Few things would be more exciting for the kids than to go to Everglades Holiday Park for the day. Airboats will whiz you through the swamp, and with a bit of luck, you may even see one of the endangered manatees. Keep an eye out for alligators who bask on sand banks or lurk just beneath the surface of the water with only their eyes and nostrils showing.

Things to do in Miami with kids: Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle is a great place for the entire family; after all where else can you find yourself with some friendly squirrel monkeys sitting on your shoulder ( and eating treats out of your hand? You and the family will be astounded at the number of monkeys and apes including gorillas, orangutans, and baboons. Parrots are also in abundance at Monkey Jungle where they are able to fly free in geodesic domes.

Things to do in Miami with kids: Zoo Miami

No visit to Miami with the kids would be complete without a visit to Zoo Miami. Considered one of the best zoos in the country, animals from every continent and ocean are displayed at the zoo, and keeping current with new attractions and zoo news is easy at Make sure to keep an eye out for the Zoo Squad, located in the Zoo Squad Base Camp, and have a picture taken with Gigi, Pio, or Kaz. Zoo Camp offers activities for children 4 to 10 years old – but make sure to secure your reservations ahead of time; Zoo Camp sells out fast!

Things to do in Miami with kids: Miami Children’s Museum

Who says learning can’t be fun for everyone? The Miami Children’s Museum proves that learning and enjoyment go hand-in-hand. The Sketch Aquarium transfers your child’s artwork to digital images; he or she can create real or imagined sea creatures to ‘stock the aquarium’. Plenty of kids and their parents follow what’s going on at the aquarium online at

Things to do in Miami with kids: Nature Center

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Nature Center is the perfect way for the whole family to get close to nature in a fun way. The kids will love the Seagrass Adventure where they’ll have a chance to find creatures such as sea stars, urchins, hermit crabs, and pipefish. If you’d rather keep your feet dry, why not try the Hammock Hike to explore the coastal hammock world. And, younger children (kindergarten and pre-school age) will surely be fascinated by the Beach Babies tour (

Things to do in Miami with kids: Miami Seaquarium

You and the family certainly don’t want to miss visiting the Miami Seaquarium. Famous not only for the orca, Lolita and the dolphin show, the aquarium also offers a Tropical Reef, Shark Channel, and manatees. The Seaquarium lets your children meet, pet, rub, and even kiss the dolphins ( If you really want to interact with the ocean world, then the Sea Trek Reef Encounter is perfect – kids will have to be at least 10 years old – but participants will actually be able to enter the underwater world of the reef community wearing a dive helmet.

Things to do in Miami with kids: History Miami

History Miami is another place you won’t want to miss, especially if your kids are a bit older. As the name suggests, the history of Miami will be highlighted, but this travel destination also offers a number of other entertainment opportunities. Boat, Coach, and Walking Tours all start at the museum, and can give the family a better insight into the rich heritage of the area.

Things to do in Miami with kids: Crandon Park

A day spent at Crandon Park is a day that will be remembered. Not only does Crandon Park have a fantastic beach, but it also has a roller skating rink, carousel, and various concession stands. This is a perfect place for a picnic, too, and younger kids will be able to cool off in the Seahorse Fountain. A good place to keep up with all the latest doings at Crandon Beach Park is on Facebook,

Making Miami your vacation destination with the kids is a great idea, but be sure to wear sunscreen, use a hat, and keep hydrated, to make your stay as wonderful as possible. If you need a Miami Caregiver while visiting, check out 4sitters for a Miami Nanny.

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