Summer Babysitting Activities

Babysitting Activities

With kids out of school for 3 months, it can be challenging for a babysitter to come up with summer babysitting activities to keep them entertained and out of trouble. My teenaged son would simply prefer to sleep in until 1pm and then play video games all day but my other son is the polar opposite. He has special needs and is only happy when he’s active.

Here are my top 5 tried and tested summer babysitting activities

Summer Babysitting Activities with Animals!

Summer babysitting activities with animals

What kid (and babysitter) doesn’t love animals? If you live in a rural area search for a hobby farm to visit. Make a day trip out of it if you are in the city. Maybe your neighbors have horses; find out if you can help care for them or interact with them. I grew up with horses and it was both fun and challenging to take care of them. * Work out arrangements with your horse neighbors beforehand and introduce your babysitter to them prior to the visit.



Water Parks and Amusement Parks

Summer Babysitting Activities at Water Parks and Amusement Parks

Purchase a season pass for your kids and babysitter. Season passes pay for themselves within a few uses. Save money by avoiding expensive park food, call ahead to see what you can take into the park in a backpack. Make some phone calls to find out if there are accommodations for special needs kids. Many amusement parks offer discounts or free entry. One local park allowed my son to ride twice in a row for each ride and skip the lines! For a kid that has a hard time waiting in lines, this was a lifesaver. Even older teenagers can’t resist water and amusement parks.


Summer Babysitting Activities in nature

Utilize the free natural beauty you live in for summer babysitting activities. Take a day trip to a scenic area. Take walks to the local park or playground. Walk or bike on community paths and break for a packed lunch. I lived in my current city for 10 years and never knew about the waterfall only a short drive away. My babysitter found it online! All it takes is some research to find those hidden natural gems to find outstanding summer babysitting activities.



Summer Babysitting Activities at movies

All winter long we dream about summer- then Minnesota gives us 90 degrees with equal % humidity. A cool movie theater doesn’t sound so bad now. Find discount theaters or theaters that offer special needs matinee days or discounts. Save money on snacks by searching for online coupons. A less expensive alternative is to watch a movie at home. Pop some corn, turn up the AC and enjoy!



Summer Babysitting Activities

My babysitter’s friend takes care of a special needs child too. They enjoy spending time together and share ideas for babysitting activities. It’s nice formy son  to mix it up and visit the local parks near her house and visit her pets. Your babysitter doesn’t have babysitter friends? No problem! Check your community  listings for activities or create a local meetup group on Connect with classmates’ parents to see if the kids are game for hanging out.


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