Parent of a special needs child? Useful special needs apps

My youngest son is a special needs child whose schedule is more packed than a CEO of a Fortune 100 company. I rely heavily on my smartphone and trusty special needs apps to manage several specialty doctor appointments, school outings, and everything in between. If you are a babysitter or nanny working with special needs children, this is for you too.

To Do – Reminder

By App Innovation                                                                                                                         

Speak or enter text to create to-do lists. Schedule a reminder alarm, even recurring if needed.  The app synchronizes with Google Calendar, Facebook and Phonebook so you don’t forget birthdays or anniversaries.

Special Needs Apps

To Do Reminder

Good for:

  • When a specialty doctor’s office tells me that the doctor’s schedule isn’t posted yet and asks me to call back in 3 weeks to schedule the next follow up
  • Setting medication schedule reminders; calling in refills
  • Reminders to prepare my son’s backpack for tomorrow’s school activities


By Waze                                                              

Live routing community-based traffic and navigation gives you real-time alerts for accidents, hazards, and road closures. Automatic rerouting for changing road conditions.                                                                                                                       

Good for:

  • Driving to numerous doctor’s offices using real-time traffic information; especially useful when we are running behind

    Waze Special Needs Apps


  • Gives me reminders for scheduled drives so I leave on time
  • Storing addresses as favorites to save time
  • Sharing important addresses with the babysitter and family
  • Voice connects to my car speakers via blue tooth for turn by turn navigation
  • Hazards and notifications posted by the community in real time are announced while I’m driving
  • When I sold my car I lost my navigation history, addresses, because I was using my car’s navigation system
  •   Not only is Waze more accurate, but my navigation information will never be lost again

Cozi Family Organizer

By Cozi Inc.

A calendar on steroids, Cozi helps you manage a household. Access from your computer or smartphone to create/edit appointments and events, assign household members to the appointment and set timed reminders to all assigned household members delivered via e-mail or text.

Good for:

  • I added my son’s babysitter as a household member and she can see the calendar and create appointments for my special needs son

    Cozi Family Organizer Special Needs Apps

    Cozi Family Organizer

  • My babysitter takes our son to several appointments; I include appointment details in the notes section of the event such as addresses or doctor’s names and any pertinent information
  • When I assign my babysitter’s name to the appointment, she knows that she will take him to the appointment and will receive a reminder from one hour in advance to weeks in advance
  • When my babysitter takes time off, I add it as an event and assign it to my husband and my older teenage son. Reminders are imperative as we have to shift our schedules;  my teenage son receives text reminders so he knows that the babysitter won’t drive him to and from school that day
  • My babysitter cleans up after my son and often runs out of household items; she adds them to the shared shopping list on Cozi and my husband and I know to pick it up at the store
  • A special needs child’s care involves several people, a babysitter or nanny, parents, siblings, grandparents, and aunts and uncles; It’s truly a group effort
  • I’ve replaced ineffective communication such as verbal reminders, slow back and forth e-mails, and non-stop phone calls with Cozi

*Bonus – My older teenage son is forgetful, Cozi keeps him on schedule too!

My Pillbox

By Master B                                                                                                                                       

Medication list, prescribing doctor, the reason for the med, what the pills look like, instructions, and scheduled reminders.

Good for:

  • Emergency Room and doctor appointments, communicating current meds and their uses to medical professionals

    My Pillbox Special Needs Apps

    My Pillbox

  • App allows multiple users so my babysitter always has current information at her fingertips
  • Tracks doses and pill count. My babysitter sets the refill reminder alarm, we never run out of medication
  • Allows enough text space for detailed instructions to administer my son’s seizure emergency meds – my babysitter and extended family can access instructions anytime anyplace
  • Schedule upcoming appointments, reminders and add doctor and pharmacist notes


What are your favorite special needs apps?     

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