July, 2016

Disabled Children’s Charities

Disabled Children’s Charities: I never thought I would have to rely on them when my son Jeremy was born. I was thrown into foreign territory without a map and numb with processing the fact that his future was unknown. The last thing on my mind was the care he’d need or the support my family would. Luckily, other Minnesota special needs parents had forged the path by creating disabled children’s charities…

Interview Prep for Busy Parents

So your a busy parent and you landed the in-person interview: Now what?  Simple interview preparation makes all the difference. I’m a busy parent of two boys and a hiring manager. Here are my top tips to help you, busy parents, glide through your interview day stress-free.   Busy Parents Interview Prep Schedule To Do Immediately The first thing busy parents should do is to arrange childcare. Find a babysitter on 4sitters.com to…

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