January, 2015

What to Consider Before Taking a Babysitting Job

When it comes to finding the perfect babysitting job, it’s important to have some preferences or standards when it comes to accepting a job. By narrowing down your preferences of the type of families you would like to work for, you will be setting yourself up for better enjoyment of the position which leads to staying with the family longer. This is a huge plus for you, the babysitter, and…

3 Common Mistakes that Babysitters Make

If you are a babysitter, then you will certainly understand that it can be really hard work. If you have been hired as a babysitter and you have never done it before, you may have a lot of things on your mind. If you want to be a great babysitter, you should make sure to avoid these top mistakes that babysitters often make. Not Following Instructions. A common error that…

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